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Providing Everything You Need


New Pool Equipment

We have multiple options and configurations to fit your needs and your budget. We install all equipment.

Pumps: Veritible Speed Pumps with optional smart phone app controls, Booster pumps, water feature pumps, Filters: Sand, D.E, Quad D.E, and Cartridge units. Salt cell systems, Wi-Fi, automation, Actuator valves, and Heaters. We install it all! with warranties. 

Drain & Clean package

We specialize in doing 'COMPLETE' drain and clean service. Our drain & Clean package includes Draining the pool, Power washing, Chlorine washing, Filter cleaning, and a complete new chemical restart. All of this for one low price. Price Varies from pool to pool depending on size and severity of the pools condition. 


Pool service & Chemical balancing

We offer weekly, biweekly, and chemical only pool maintenance. Our service includes a time stamped email with chemical balance, chemicals added, service provided, and a picture of your sparkling pool. 


Partnered Contractors.

We have partnered with a few other local companies in Fresno County. We've hand picked some of the top names in the industry to bring you the best service possible. If you are looking for Pool construction, replastering service, tile replacement or repairs, stain removal, tile cleaning, skimmer replacements, hand rails, underground plumping repairs, and cement work. Please give us a call and we will send one of our partnered contractors to you. 

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